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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the saying goes. Once in a while, team members are called upon to drop the brusque, corporate mien and get in touch with the soft, social and playful sides that recognizes no rank and file. NTZDC conducted a 2-day team-building activity for the board of directors and management at Lake Elementaita Country Lodge.

It was all fun, laughter and play as the team members mingled freely in song, dance and banter; and participated in various indoor and outdoor activities. The NTZDC team-building session was largely successful with most of the activities providing realistic experiences that empowered individual participants to contribute towards the common organization goals.

Team building exercises are recognized as important in corporate development since the success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams. Other benefits of team building include:

  • Improving morale and leadership skills
  • Sealing barriers that thwart creativity
  • Clearly defines goals and objectives
  • Improves processes and procedures
  • Improves organizational productivity
  • Identifies team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves the ability to solve problems

Team building activity for the other NTZDC cadres was carried out in separate events during the 2016/17 Financial Year.