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Mau and Embobut Forest Tea Buffer Belt

The Embobut-Mau Buffer Establishment project, is a major flagship project by the Corporation which is being implemented in the fulfilment of the Presidential Directive issued during the official opening of Kipchabo Tea Factory on 11th July 2014. The Corporation broke ground in May 2015 and has made substantial progess in discharging the Presidential Directive against a background of immense challenges, key among them being inadequate funds to implement the project.



Project Works

The works started at Maasai Ol Posimoru forest block which covers an area of 240 Ha was based on a collective decision made by an Inter-Ministerial Committee comprising of Principal Secretaries from the State Departments of Agriculture, Lands and Environment felt that the site was the most valuable to further encroachment. Kenya Forest Service (KFS) established a 24 Km cutline along which the buffer belt was to be established. As at December 31st 3015, about 10.2 Km of buffer belt had been opened up which represents 102 Ha of buffer. The remaining 13.8 Km representing 138 Ha of buffer is projected to be completed by December 2016.