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Forest Conservation

Since inception, the Corporation has established 5,235 hectares of forest cover in form of assorted tree species. The Corporation has played a leading role in the preservation of biological diversity of Kenya's highland forests. The tea zones have acted as 'live' fences against human intrusion. In the areas where the Corporation is situated, illegal logging has been greatly reduced and encroachment stopped. In fact, since the buffer was established, there has been a resurgence of some of the seasonal rivers that had dried up in the conserved areas.

In order to be more effective in achieving its overall mandate, the Corporation continues to employ new strategies in the conservation, protection and expansion of Kenya's natural forest cover. This will be achieved by enhancing the consolidation of physical buffer zones along the gazetted forests through the establishment and management of fuel wood, indigenous trees and tea plantations. In addition, the Corporation will continue to support the development of agro-forestry for buffer zone communities and engage their participation in forest planning and management.

The forest expansions are expected to promote environmental conservation and economic prosperity for the local communities in line with the Kenya Vision 2030. Ultimately, however, forest conservation efforts cannot succeed without the participation of various stakeholders. Therefore the Corporation works closely with local communities, donors and other government agencies like the Kenya Forest Service to ensure not just the planting of new forests, but protection of the existing ones.

It’s noteworthy that the Corporation’s conservation efforts, which have successfully stopped human encroachment into the gazetted forests, have also tremendously mitigated the negative impact of deforestation on agriculture and the environment in Kenya such as soil erosion and desertification.