NTZDC Tenders -2018/19-2019/20.

The Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation (NTZDC) invites sealed bids from eligible candidates’ suppliers / contractors for supply and delivery of the following goods, and pre-qualification for the provision of various works and services.

Existing suppliers who wish to be retained in our new register must apply for fresh consideration.

Prices quoted shall be net and inclusive of all taxes, and must be in Kenya Shillings, which shall remain valid for 90 days from the closing date of the tender.


CATEGORY A: ANNUAL TENDERS – 2018/2019 & 2019/2020


1. NTZDC/TN/01/2018/19/20 Supply And Delivery Of General Stationery Special Groups
2. NTZDC/TN/02/2018/19/20 Supply And Delivery Of Printed Stationery Special Groups  
3. NTZDC/TN/03/2018/19/20 Provision Of Security Services Open  
4.  NTZDC/TN/04/2018/19/20 Provision Of General Cleaning Special Groups  
5.  NTZDC/TN/05/2018/19/20 Supply And Delivery Of Tyres , Tubes & Batteries Open  
6.  NTZDC/TN/06/2018/19/20 Provision Of Insurance (Risk Notes) Open
7.  NTZDC/TN/07/2018/19/20 Supply And Delivery Of Motor Vehicle Fuel & Lubricants Open  
8.  NTZDC/TN/08/2018/19/20 Supply And Delivery Of Farm Tractor & Trailer Open  
9.  NTZDC/TN/09/2018/19/20 Supply, delivery, installation ,commissioning  and maintenance / support of IPCCTV & Biometric access unit Open  
10.  NTZDC/TN/10/2018/19/20 Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning Of Packaging Machine Open  
11.  NTZDC/TN/11/2018/19/20 Expression Of Interest (EIO) for supply and delivery of Firewood Open  
12.  NTZDC/TN/12/2018/19/20 Supply And Installation Of Epoxy Floor Finish Open
13.  NTZDC/TN/13/2018/19/20 Supply ,delivery ,installation and commissioning of Weighbridge Open  












14. NTZDC/TN/14/2018/19/20 Provision Of Below the Line (BTL) Sales And Marketing Services, activation , Merchandising, Distribution out Doors POS Materials OPEN  


15. NTZDC/TN/15/2018/19/20 Provision Of Hotel/Conference Facilities (Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nyeri, Embu, Meru, Kericho, Kakamega and Kapsabet) OPEN
16. NTZDC/TN/16/2018/19/20 Provision Of Documentary Photography, Video and Audio Recording OPEN
17. NTZDC/TN/17/2018/19/20 Provision Of Corporate Branding including Editing, Designing and Printing  Open  
18.  NTZDC/TN/18/2018/19/20 Provision Of Air Travel & Hotel Booking  Open
19.  NTZDC/TN/19/2018/19/20  Provision Of Taxi and General Transport Hire Services  Open
20.  NTZDC/TN/20/2018/19/20  Design and Printing Of Calendars,Diaries and X-mass Cards  Open  
21.  NTZDC/TN/21/2018/19/20  Provision Of Market Research Services  Open  
22.  NTZDC/TN/22/2018/19/20  Supply Of Computers, Equipment  and Accessories  Open  
23.  NTZDC/TN/23/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Cartons  Open  
24.  NTZDC/TN/24/2018/19/20 Provision Of Above the Line (ATL) Sales And Marketing Services such as Branding, Designing, Media planning, & Management Brand Strategy, PR Services, A & P Strategy etc.  Open  
25.  NTZDC/TN/25/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Motor Vehicle Spare Parts  Open  
26.  NTZDC/TN/26/2018/19/20  Repairs and Maintenance Of Motor Vehicle (Nairobi Area)  Open  
27.  NTZDC/TN/27/2018/19/20  Provision Of Motor Vehicle Repairs – Regional Garages (Kitale, Kakamega, Eldoret, Kericho, Bomet, Kapsabet, Nakuru, Embu, Meru, Nyeri, Murang’a)  Open  
28.  NTZDC/TN/28/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Farm Tools  Open  
29.  NTZDC/TN/29/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Farm Inputs  Open  
30.  NTZDC/TN/30/2018/19/20  Provision Of Transport Services(Greenleaf & others )  Open  
31.  NTZDC/TN/31/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Office Furniture,  Equipments  Open  
32.  NTZDC/TN/32/2018/19/20  Servicing, Stamping, and Repairs Of Weighing Scales  Open  
33.  NTZDC/TN/33/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Staff Uniforms and Protective Equipment Special Groups  
34.  NTZDC/TN/34/2018/19/20  Supply and Application Of Epoxy Floor Finish  Open  
35.  NTZDC/TN/35/2018/19/20  Provision Of Clearing and Forwarding Services  Open  
36.  NTZDC/TN/36/2018/19/20  Design, Editing and Publication Of NTZDC Newsletter  Open  
37.  NTZDC/TN/37/2018/19/20  Maintenance and Repairs Of Tea Factory Machinery  Open  
38.  NTZDC/TN/38/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Maintenance Spares and Materials  Open
39.  NTZDC/TN/39/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Electrical Spares and Materials  Open  
40.  NTZDC/TN/40/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Hardware Tools And Materials Special Groups  
41.  NTZDC/TN/41/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Packaging Materials  Open  
42.  NTZDC/TN/42/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Fire Alarms and Extinguishers  Open  
43.  NTZDC/TN/43/2018/19/20  Provision Of Boiler Inspection/Maintenance & Repairs  Open  
44.  NTZDC/TN/44/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Boiler Treatement and Chemicals  Open  
45.  NTZDC/TN/45/2018/19/20  Supply and Delivery Of Factory Cleaning Chemicals  Open  
46.  NTZDC/TN/46/2018/19/20  Supply Of Parts & Consumables for Tea Processing Machineries  Open  
47.  NTZDC/TN/47/2018/19/20  Provision Of Repair and Servicing Of Generators  Open  


Special groups includes youth,women and Persons with disabilities who have been duly registered with the National Treasury (Director Of Procurement) and they must show proof of registration by providing certificate of registration. Tender and pre-qualification documents detailing terms and conditions can be downloaded from The Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation Website (, IFMIS portal ( or PPIP portal ( FOR FREE.

Tender/Pre-qualification documents obtained by interested candidates from our office will attract a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of kenya shillings Two Thousands (Ksh 2,000) for Annual Tenders , Kenya Shillings One Thousand(ksh 1,000) for Pre-qualifications. Payment Can be made in Cash or Bankers Cheque payable to Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation.

Tenders must be accompanied by bid security in form of a bank guarantee as specified in the tender documents.

Applications shall be submitted in clearly marked plain sealed envelopes indicating the reference number(s) for the Annual Tenders or Pre-qualifications and be deposited in the Tender Box at Nyayo Tea Zones Office 11th floor, or be addressed to the address below on or before 12.00 noon  on 11 September , 2018. Tenders will be opened immediately in the presence of Tenderers or their representative who may choose to be present.

The Managing Director
Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation
P.O Box 48552- 00100

TEL: 315650-7