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Mr. Samuel K. Keter is an advocate of the High Court and Supreme Court of Kenya. He is a founding partner at Kenslaw Associates Advocates, a consulting firm specializing on energy law, legislative drafting, legal audits, devolution, conveyancing, litigation, and general legal work.

Mr. Keter has more than 16 years’ experience in government assisting in the development of Kenya’s legislative framework having worked in State Law Office, Rural Electrification Authority and at the County Government.  At the State Law Office he was involved in development of many legislations including the Children’s Bill, 2001, the Energy Bill 2005, the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Bill and various regulations. At the Rural Electrification Authority he represented REA in the review of policy and energy Legislation in the energy and petroleum between 2010 and 2013. During that time he was also involved in the development of the policy and legal framework for Kenya’s nuclear power programme. As the first County Attorney General of the County Government of Bomet, he was instrumental in the development of new policy and legislative framework to operationalize devolution in Kenya under the new Constitution 2010.  He is currently a consultant on Legislative Drafting, Anti-Money Laundering, Energy Law and Legal Audits.


Certificate – Legislative Drafting, IALS University of London

Diploma – Kenya School of Law

Bachelor’s Degree in Law – Goa University, India

Bachelors of Commerce – University of Pune, India