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Vision 2030

The Corporation’s mandate and operations contribute greatly towards the achievement of the Country’s economic blueprint, the Kenya Vision 2030. The following activities and flagship projects contribute directly towards the achievement of the Kenya Vision 2030.

1. Environmental Conservation

Under the Social Pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030, the blueprint’s vision for environment is “a nation living in a clean, secure and sustainable environment” inspired by the principle of sustainable management of the country’s natural resources. The Corporation has contributed towards this vision by protecting, among others, the main forests which constitute five water towers in Kenya namely Mt. Kenya, Aberdares range, Mau Escarpment, Cherangani Hills and Mt. Elgon. The Vision for environment also envisages the expansion of forest cover in the country from the current 3 per cent to the internationally recommended 10 per cent. Therefore, the Corporation’s afforestation programmes across its operation have also tremendously contributed to the expansion of the forest cover in the country.

2. Value addition

In the Economic pillar of the vision, value addition of agricultural products has been identified to play a vital role in the economic development of the country. The construction of Kipchabo Tea Factory places the Corporation strategically as one of the major players in the tea industry and is in line with the key strategy of value addition, which is to increase market access through value addition by processing, packaging and branding the bulk of agricultural produce. The factory has also created several jobs both directly and indirectly which has positively influenced the livelihoods of the people where it is located. In addition, the factory has contributed to the development of infrastructure such as roads in the region.

The Corporation has purchased packaging machines to add value to the tea produced in our factory by branding, packaging and selling the teas both in local and international markets. Construction of the second factory at Gatitu in Kirinyaga County commenced in June, 2016 and is ongoing. The factory is expected to be operational in 2018.

Mau forest buffer zones, Kipchabo and Gatitu Tea factories are the Corporation’s flagship projects of Kenya Vision 2030.