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Who we are

The Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation was established through a Legal Gazette Notice No. 265 of 1986 as a State Corporation with the aim of promoting forest conservation by providing buffer zones of tea and assorted tree species to check against human encroachment into the forestland.

The Corporation is mandated to protect the gazetted forests from human encroachment by establishing continuous belts of tea bushes and assorted tree species which acts as a buffer between forests and communities living adjacent to the forests. The tea zones not only help to protect the forests but also in the rehabilitation of ecologically fragile areas.

The Corporation was established by the Government of Kenya to enhance the conservation of forests and protection of the environment, to produce the internationally renowned Kenyan quality tea, to produce fuel-wood that is essential in tea processing, to create jobs as well as earn revenue for the Kenyan government. Specifically, the Corporation is mandated to establish, manage and develop tea and fuel wood plantations and indigenous trees; establish and manage nurseries for propagation of tea and tree seedlings; establish, manage and maintain tea processing factories and process tea. The Corporation is also mandated to construct and maintain rural access roads, offices and green leaf collection centres and transport, lease, sell or market in Kenya or outside Kenya any tea, wood or other products produced or processed by the Corporation or its agents.

The Corporation operates in nineteen zones across the country. The Corporation also operates Kipchabo Tea Factory in Nandi County, and is constructing the 2nd factory at Gatitu in Kirinyaga County.