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Forest Conservation



The Corporation was established by the Government of Kenya to enhance the conservation of forests and protection of the environment, to produce and market the internationally renowned Kenyan quality tea, to produce fuelwood that is essential in tea processing, to create jobs and earn revenue for the government. Specifically, the Corporation is mandated to:

 a) establish, manage and develop tea and fuel wood plantations and indigenous trees;

b) establish and manage nurseries for propagation of tea and tree seedlings;

c) establish, manage and maintain tea processing factories and process tea.

The Corporation is also mandated to:

d) construct and maintain rural access roads, offices and green leaf collection centres and

e) transport, lease, sell or market in Kenya or outside Kenya any tea, wood or other products produced or processed by the Corporation or its agents.

Towards achieving its mandate, the Corporation has established 945 km of buffer belts (530 km of tree and 415 km of tea) around 9 gazetted forest blocks across the country that act as continuous belts to curb human encroachment into the forests.