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Tea Production

Production of tea by Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation has registered steady growth since the first bushes matured in 1989. The Corporation has since its inception established 3,488 hectares of tea in the 17 zones across the country.

Over the years, green leaf production has increased from 3 million kilogrammes in the 1990’s to 26 million kilogrammes produced in the 2014/15 financial year. The increased green leaf production has correspondingly increased the Corporation’s revenue and enabled it become financially self-reliant.

The present management team at the Corporation has tremendously expanded and improved the quality of tea it produces, including planting an additional 1,500 hectares of tea and infilling which is ongoing. The tea expansion is expected to increase green leaf production to 30 million kilogrammes in the next few years.

Nyayo Tea Zones has also constructed its own factory, Kipchabo Tea Factory located in Nandi County. This has helped minimize losses of unprocessed green leaf during flush periods in the factory catchment area.