Black Orthodox Tea

Black Orthodox Tea

Black orthodox is oxidized tea produced through rolling machines.

Black Orthodox grading is by leaf size, texture and style.

Black CTC Manufacturing Process


Controlled process through which moisture content in fresh leaves is reduced using dry air.


Cut, tear and curling of the leaf. Breaking of the leaf cells allows oxidation to start.

3. Fermentation

The crushed leaves are spread on perforated belts under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and aeration. Chemicals in crushed leaves react in the prescence of air turning the tea golden brown.

4. Drying

The fermented tea is dried using hot air which stops the fermentation process and imparts the black color of tea.


Tea is graded by particle size and shape.

6. Packaging

Tea is packed in special Paper sacks ready for transport and sale.

Black Orthodox Tea Includes:

Orange Pekoe A

 Well rolled & curled, loosely wound, leggy, stylish for the grade, largest whole leaf grade.

Orange Pekoe 1

-Stylish, wiry well made whole leaf tea, tightly twisted depicting a high quality with food bloom.

Flowery Orange Fanning

 Leafy, heavy, evenly sized Orthodox finings tea with good bloom and the occasional tip, very suitable for tea bags. 

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning 

-Short, well & evenly sized flowery broken orange pekoe tea with the occasional tip.

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