Team Members


Prof. Elizabeth Pantoren joined the NTZDC Board as the chairperson in May 2019.She is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Master of Arts Degree in Social Work and Social Development from University of Nairobi and Ph.D. in Sociology from Kenyatta University.

She has attended several leadership and financial management courses both locally and abroad and has over 25 years of experience in leadership and management in wildlife and natural sectors attained while serving at Kenya Wildlife Service, where she joined as an undergraduate and rose through the ranks to senior management attaining the post of Head of Enforcement and Compliance Affairs and Community Enterprise Development Department respectively.

Prof. Pantoren was a member of Climate Change Advisory Committee and Indigenous People of East African Climate Change Network.

Her attributes are: high personal drive, initiative, good communication and negotiation skills, extensive knowledge on environmental and community development summed-up by a high degree of self-confidence where performance directly impact the bottom line.

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